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Quick Description

Explore allows you to try VariaMetrix using your existing Google Analytics data for free as a "Skin" on select reports, and to take advantage of VariaMetrix's unqiue dashabords and automated reporting. Explore your data in new ways and export directly to PowerPoint.


Credits are our way of helping to simplify the complex world of marketing analytics while acknowledging that one size does not fit all.

Free accounts do not come with any credits and limited support. You can upgrade to a premium account at any time to claim your data, invite team members and more. Here are the useful features built right in, including:

  • The easiest way to view select data sourced by Google Analytics
  • The most intuitive and engaging way to explore your Google Analytics-sourced data
  • The ability to automate useful reports
  • The ability to grow as your business does--you're not locked in and can upgrade your account at any time.