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Managed Services

Professional dashboard development, expert-driven reporting insights, and creative ad design.

VariaMetrix is designed to be an easy and useful tool for all levels of analysis, but sometimes you want the experts to do it for you. Varia, Inc has partnered with D2 Seattle, who can help manage your media buys, design ad creative, or help test messaging concepts.

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Dashboard Development

D2 Seattle is staffed with marketing experts who know how to get to the core of what you need to build on your marketing success.

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Custom Visualization and Graphic Design

Take VariaMetrix data to the next level by working with D2's graphic designers who help you illustrate your marketing story and business strategies in your brand style.

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Message Testing

VariaMetrix can tell you down to a detailed level how your multivariate or A/B tests are performing, but if you need assistance setting those up, D2 can help, too.

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Media Buying

VariaMetrix works closely with our partner agency, D2 Seattle, to plan, negotiate, implement, and measure ad buys across all channels and platforms. Their team of media experts has managed over $100M in media buys over 15 years across national and international markets.