Instant insights

VariaMetrix brings all the elements of marketing together in one place. Connect the dots to learn something new about your campaigns and see performance opportunities that you may have missed just looking over rows and columns.


Chart blocks show you the big picture first so you can use your expertise to know where to focus. The advanced filtering system gives you the power to dig into any slice of data and loot it for insights.

Charts you can merge

VariaMetrix's patented UI makes it easy to compare data by intuitive drag-and-drop. Discover new insights and correlations at a glance, like:

  • Do web visits correlate to social media engagements?
  • Does organic search traffic impact paid search impressions?
  • Does time of day impact message conversion rate?

When you interact seamlessly with data, you will see so much more than what meets the eye.

Contribution highlights

VariaMetrix's contribution reports show you how each channel stacks up when it comes to the conversions that count. These unique reports allow you to see if 80% of your sales are coming from 20% of your cost so you can allocate your budget to maximize your return.