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Total data ownership

VariaMetrix helps you to own all of your data available via APIs. VariaMetrix captures data through APIs and integrates directly into a custom database built for you and you alone. Copy it, share it, store it, save it, freeze it, print it out and draw on it with crayons, or simply delete it...It's your call.

Data accessibility

Our core modules always keep data under your control, even if your data source goes kaput.

Unified datasets

Because you control how data is collected with VariaMetrix, there's no limit to the range of custom data and detailed information that can be collected. Our managed services partner's implementation services help you integrate VariaMetrix in your web site or app.

Fine-grained access

Most analytics tools only offer their subscribes vague information about ad performance, web performance, and user interaction. VariaMetrix doesn't report in fuzzy numbers; we give you the actual information.

Anytime export

With VariaMetrix, you can request all data to be turned over to you instead of living on third-party servers.