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Polished reports

With VariaMetrix, reporting is truly automated. Build your dashboard to show exactly the level of detail you want to know or show, and automate it with a snap.

Merge-able data

Most dashboard solutions will show you vendor charts side-by-side to save you from logging in to everything. Since VariaMetrix imports your data we can combine from everywhere and aggregate data. View all of your paid clicks or impressions compared to all email traffic from various platforms. And with our total data ownership policy the data is always yours and will never be used outside of your account.

Instant presentation

Present to clients, bosses, or other stakeholders you can export any dashboard directly to PowerPoint in a pre-templatized slide with publication-quality charts. The slides are built using VariaMetrix’s data instead of images, so if you need to make a last minute revision you can do so directly in PowerPoint.

Built for teams

VariaMetrix dashboards can be personalized for individual use or built for the entire team. With multiple dashboard slots available everyone can stay current to the same key performing indicators, or track your own KPIs separately.